Friday, December 16, 2005

More folks are noticing

The prevalent anti-Americanism on display, especially in the recently-concluded Paul Martin Jr. government and Mr Martin Jr.'s ensuing campaign to return to power, is being noticed... and not just by those (relatively few) of us who pay attention to such things:
U.S. politicians from both sides of the aisle have joined with U.S. law enforcement personnel to ask Canada to address this growing security threat. In response, Canadian politicians from the left have basically said, "Drop dead." ...
Our once great friend is turning against us. Common sense and our national security dictate that we can no longer afford to ignore that fact.
Hear, hear!

NOTE 1: Henceforth, quotes will be differentiated here in purple, in honor of the courageous Iraqis who risked their lives to vote on Thursday. Not that the leftoids here noticed, but...
NOTE 2: After much prodding, I have finally installed Haloscan. This, of course, means all past comments have disappeared for now. I may opt to re-install Blogger comments later for reference purposes only.