Saturday, August 13, 2005

Return for re-grooving

It's been a hectic week, but there are only a few candidates for re-grooving this week. They're doozies, though.
* The 9/11 Commission. The Able Danger stuff boggles the mind. And these guys blew it off to protect a 9/11 commissioner's rear (Jamie Gorelick, the Clinton flunky who set up the wall of intelligence that, had it not been in place, might have prevented 9/11). They're liars. (Yeah, I'm hissed.) If you haven't been following this closely, go to Captain's Quarters, where Ed is kicking some tail. At any rate, this bunch needs to be re-grooved. Permanently.
* NARAL. Truth in advertising doesn't matter to these totalitarian idiots. The hatchet job they tried to do on John Roberts was so blatant that even the New York Times had to challenge it. (Yeah, I'm doubly hissed). I heard Sean Hannity really do a hatchet job on the guy NARAL sacrificed to put on his show. It was so obvious that I had a hard tlime listening to it because the guy was so clueless that it was pathetic. It was like putting a midget football team up against the Super Bowl champions, that's how ridiculous it was. Re-groove NARAL. Forever.
* Planned Parenthood. Great cartoon they put out. E.M., among others, has a great take on this. The hero destroys the pro-lifers. (Now I'm trebly hissed.)
/rant off
Have a good rest of the weekend.