Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Solving a mystery is always a cool thing.
Over my hiatus, I believe I have solved the mystery of how Jerry Springer manages to stay on the tube.
Springer, a former mayor of Cincinnati (poor folks) and now king of Springerville, hosts a syndicated trash-talk show (so to speak).
The denizens of Springerville are among the most bizarre creatures known to humankind. That, in fact, may be an understatement.
For example, one snippet I paid attention to for more than 92 seconds featured a young lady who was in a same-sex relationship. This lady's sister was trying to cut in on her action. Needless to say, the siblings started swapping slaps and punches while the Springerville police tried to restrain them.
There were several more examples of similarly bizarre behaviors centered around sexual relationships and cheating on those relationships.
Other snippets while channel-surfing the rest of the week confirmed that this is the standard fare of Springerville.
I don't know what he does on Air Anti-America, the Rob From Kids Radio Network to pay Al Franken; fortunately, I can't get the signal.
But this is a fellow who the Democrats might run for the U.S. Senate from Ohio? (Alert: Conservative UAW Guy.)
The only people I can see who would watch this show on a regular basis must be fellow lefties.
See, Springerville fits the left's classic conceptions of everyone else as trailer trash and worse. They can feel good about themselves, because they're not that way.
Thank God (yes, you're allowed to do that on this blog; in fact, you're encouraged to do so) that we know different, eh?