Thursday, July 28, 2005

Good news: Goodenow out

One dunce down, one to go...
From the Red Star:
Bob Goodenow, who announced his resignation as executive director of the NHL Players’ Association today in Toronto, said that despite criticism from some players and some in the media he has “no regrets” about the role he played in trying to avoid the salary cap that the NHL players eventually accepted in a new, six-year agreement that was ratified last week.
Of the agreement, he said, “I don’t feel it’s a failure (on his or the players’ part) at all.”
Goodenow gave a 30-minute, mostly clinical, unemotional account of the decision that led to his resignation, even though he announced last week that he intended to stay on.
Goodenow only broke down when he told reporters at the news conference that his mother had passed away last week and it’s been a trying time for him.
Goodenow said the decision to step down came after he held discussions in the past week with members of the players’ executive.
It was felt that with the new agreement coming into place, which Goodenow termed “very different” from any other previous agreement because it is so “revenue-driven,” it was time to “accelerate” the transition to Ted Saskin, who takes over his job.
Goodenow said his contract had less than three years to run and he and the players’ executive felt that now was as good a time as any to bring about the transition.

Our condolences on losing your mother, Mr Goodenow.
As for what you did to hockey, good riddance.
Mr Bettman, it's your turn now.