Thursday, July 28, 2005

Was this Osama's booty?

There's a report out there that Osama Looney Bin Laden wanted to flood the U.S. with killer cocaine. Supposedly, the Colombian drug lords turned it down, but you never know, especially with this report from Earthlink News:
VIENNA, Austria - It's one lost item that's not likely to be claimed. Police at the Vienna Airport found 53 pounds of cocaine worth an estimated $16 million at a lost-and-found counter. The narcotics were in a suitcase that had been at the counter for almost a month, police said.
The suitcase had been mistakenly checked in at Mexico City along with the luggage of a 60-year-old Austrian tourist, who left it at the lost-and-found counter.
The drugs were placed in 22 bags wrapped in an oily, foul-smelling paper, in an apparent attempt to irritate police dogs specially trained to detect narcotics, police said.

Consider this, though: Wouldn't it be hell if Osama had pulled it off and all the killer cocaine wound up in Hollywood?
The survivors -- if there were any, of course -- would all blame George W. Bush.