Tuesday, July 26, 2005

No thanks

In my in-box this evening arrived this little ditty...
Bottled water, movie popcorn, a gourmet muffin — each satisfying in its own way. But did you know for as low as $2.90 a week, the same price as that daily decaf grande, you could get The New York Times delivered and be nourished for a lifetime?More than just reporting the news — The Times delivers the stories of the people and places behind the headlines. Like a dollop of whipped cream on your latte, it's the unexpected that makes The Times particularly delicious. Whether it's a story on gold mining in South Africa, 10 great wines for under $25 or quakes on the moon, you'll find thought-provoking conversation starters in every section of The Times. Choose the delivery plan that's right for you — 7 days a week, weekdays only or weekends only. Then enjoy savings of 50% on home delivery for the next 12 weeks — that's as low as $2.90 a week.
First off, I don't drink bottled water -- the tap is good enough for me. Also, I don't go to movies, so I don't consume movie popcorn. Pop Secret or Orville are good enough for me. And gourmet muffins? Come on. Give me a good cornbread muffin and I'm happy as a lark.
And that latte comment? I don't know a frappuchino from a cappuchino from a Capobianco (I do know a Capobianco; he runs a store up near the homestead.). I drink maybe 10 cups of coffee a year, black with sugar.
Needless to say, I won't be responding to this advert.
And I will be reporting this as spam to my ISP.