Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Over the top, or on target?

Republicans in Chicago are targeting the Dumbocrat Mayor, young Richard Daley.
But are they overdoing it?
From Earthlink News comes this tale:
CHICAGO - The Cook County Republican Party is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an indictment and conviction of Mayor Richard M. Daley, whose administration has been buffeted by scandal.
"The arrogance of Richard Daley is appalling," said Gary Skoien, chairman of the county party. "We hope this reward will inspire someone with critical knowledge to come forward."
Daley's press secretary, Jacqueline Heard, scoffed at the reward. "This is ridiculous, politically motivated and undeserving of any further comment," she said in a statement.
The reward follows last week's announcement by federal prosecutors that they had charged two City Hall officials with rigging the city's hiring system to get around a court order that bars officials from hiring employees for political reasons.
The mayor, who has not been charged, reacted to the charges by proposing that municipal hiring be turned over to an independent commission.
Last week's indictments were an outgrowth of an ongoing federal investigation of bribes being given in return for jobs in a $38 million program in which the city outsourced hauling work. Twenty-one people have pleaded guilty, including some former high-ranking city officials.

Why, that court order is almost illegal! Imagine, banning patronage hiring... in Chicago! My gosh, how do you think Daley's dad, the late Richard Daley, built the Chicago machine?
"Yo, Stash, I gave you 50 bucks for your last two elections. Now you say you can't get me a job?"
"Yeah, Wash, it's that damned court. Won't let us do what they call 'political hirings.' "
"But this ain't political, Stash. I sure as hell am qualified to be a security guard for the street sweepers."
"You may be my brother, Wash, but I'm tellin' ya, it just don't work that way no more."
And so it goes...
But is a rival political party's offer of a reward just a bit over the top? Or do you think it's spot-on target?
Me, I don't know.