Friday, July 29, 2005

Return for re-grooving... even more

Another week has passed. It's time for another edition of Return for re-grooving.
No time to lose. Let's rock.
Hillary Clinton. The Remaking Hillary tour is well under way, with leaks to Drudge saying she will support Supreme Court nominee John Roberts Jr. and an appearance at the "centrist" Democratic Leadership Council highlighting her "move" toward the middle. It's a sham, amigos and amigas. Even the looniest of the left, the Daily Kos (I refuse to offer a link to that site), has seen through it (for more details, visit The Museum of Left Wing Lunacy). Hillary is hereby sentenced to a lifetime of re-grooving without parole.
Evan Cohen and Charles Rosen. They're the nitwits who allegedly took $500,000 from a Boys and Girls Club in New York City and invested it in Air Anti-America (see the post "Al Franken, Air America and kids" below). That money was earmarked for a variety of programs for kids and seniors. Jerks. Long-term re-grooving in order here.
Channoah Alece Green. She is a 22-year-old woman from Newport News, Va. According to the Associated Press, she she abandoned her 4-year-old son on the Capital Beltway during rush hour, then struck him with her car when he tried to get back in. "My mommy left me. She was angry and she pushed me out of the car," the boy told a driver who stopped to pick him up, according to a Washington TV station. That driver, in turn, notified police. The woman was caught a few hours later after she was involved in a crash near Richmond, Va., which is (give or take a few minutes) two hours away. There are no words but one: Re-groove.
Catherine Baker Knoll. She is the lieutenant governor of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. She is also a moonbat of the highest order. Having the chutzpah to attend the funeral of a soldier who died in the War on Terror and passing out her business card, saying that her government was against the war is obscene. (For details, see the "Beyond Ignorant" post below.) She apologized (see "The Moonbat Apologizes"), but that just doesn't cut it. A thorough re-grooving may not be enough for this wench, but let's try anyway.
David Miller. He's the socialist mayor of Toronto. Monday night, there was a series of shootings in his city. How did Mr. Miller react? As the Bandyman from Brampton reports, "Blame the Americans! On CTV news this evening Mayor Miller said at his press conference '...50% of the guns in Toronto come from the United States and they end up involved in these violent events...' I paraphrase, but that's essentially what he said." As the Bandyman put it, "Mayor Miller needs to be reminded 'where there is no demand, no supplier is required'." Well spoken. Let's re-groove this joker.
The Professional Association of Teachers. This English group wants to ban the word "failure" from schools, preferring instead the insipid "deferred success." The word "fail" should be banned from use in classrooms and replaced with the phrase "deferred success" to avoid demoralising pupils, a group of teachers has proposed. Reality check. People fail. You are failed. Be re-grooved.
Kripa Sekhar. She is the vice-president of a Canadian organisation called the National Action Committee on the Status of Women. Seems she took off on a Saskatchewan MP for proposing a bill similar to the Laci's Laws that sprung up in the U.S. in the wake of the Laci and Scott Peterson cases. As our friend Candace reported, Sekhar accused the MP of exploiting the tragedy of a similar case earlier this month in Edmonton to "deceptively" re-open the debate on abortion rights through the back door. Ms Sekhar, get real. Get a life. Get re-grooved.
Till next time.