Thursday, July 07, 2005


Q. What's the quickest way for the U.S. Democrats to self-destruct?
A. Filibuster President Bush's nominee to replace Justice O'Connor.
Reason. They will be shown to be little more than a lying sack of cow droppings, unable to honor a single agreement and captives of the farthest left elements of uncivil society.
Musings. As I posted in a comment over at Exile from Hillary's Village a few days ago, I really didn't think the Dums would be so stupid as to waste their ammunition on replacing O'Connor. I really didn't think at first they'd do it even to replace Chief Justice Rehnquist. Where I expected the whole-hog battle royal was when Justice Stevens stepped aside. Dummy me. According to the Drudge Report, Chuck Schumer, the less-well-known senator from New York (who is quite jealous of Hillary's popularity, by the way), is already talking about "war" plans. Remember, Schumer is the joker who thinks that "deeply held personal beliefs" (translation: religious faith) should disqualify one from the judiciary.
This doesn't surprise; after reading the comments on Angry in the Great White North's terrific post on actions and consequences, there were some there who felt that people of faith have no business in politics, period.
But they're leaving themselves wide open to charges of obstructionism for obstructionism's sake (which, of course, would be 100 percent true). And if the GOP and Mr Bush have any smarts, they'd let the Dumbocrats shut down the government for the sake of their filibuster. Period.
However, from what we've seen of the GOP Senate, I can't be too sure about them.