Saturday, July 02, 2005

Hockey - it's coming back!

Guess what, my friends? Expect to see a return to major league hockey this fall!
Why am I so optimistic?
Well, you're starting to see teams line up coaches and other front-office personnel.
You're starting to see stories about changes in the game from some of the top hockey beat reporters, such as the Philadelphia Inquirer's Tim Panaccio, with stuff like this:
The red line will not be used to determine two-line passes.
In overtime, teams will play four-on-four, followed by three-on-three, and then a shoot-out.
There will be no ties; standings will show wins, losses, overtime losses and shoot-out losses.
Tag-up offside. This enables players already inside the offensive zone before the puck crosses the blue line to peel back and touch the blue line to become onside.
No-touch icing. Defensive players need not touch the puck for an official to call icing.
The size of the goalie equipment will be drastically reduced.
And you're starting to see stories like this
about personnel moves. Oh, wouldn't I love to see Niedermayer in the orange and black!
So, I'm thinking we'll see a return to the NHL come fall.
Sometimes life can be good, eh?