Friday, July 01, 2005

Heroes, part 2

A pair of Canadian politicos chose principle over going along, and it cost both of them this week.
Bev Desjarlais, who held two critic's portfolios in the Canada's far-left socialist NDP, lost her portfolios because she didn't support same-sex marriage. She got booted to the back benches. Some "new democratic" party, eh?
Joe Comuzzi, a Cabinet minister from the Liberal Party, gave up his portfolio because he could not support SSM. He had promised his Thunder Bay-area constituency that he would not vote for SSM, so he stepped back to the back benches.
While I may not agree with either on a lot of issues, their principled stance on SSM and what it cost them is worthy of Hero status this week on either orr.
It won't get 'em a cup of coffee, but what they did merits honor.