Thursday, June 30, 2005

The CP is reporting that a defector from China is going to be denied asylum in Canada.
TORONTO (CP) - A Chinese security official who defected to Canada fears he could be executed if sent back to his homeland after failing to win refugee status, The Canadian Press has learned.
Guangsheng Han, a former supervisor of prisons and labour camps in northeastern China, faces possible deportation following the Immigration and Refugee Board's rejection of his claim. Han argued at refugee board hearings he tried to stamp out the practice of mistreating prisoners and worked to protect their rights upon becoming disillusioned with the Chinese justice system.
"There is too much darkness and cruelty in the official circle," he wrote his superiors after defecting.
The board denied Han's application in late April, ruling he was a "willing accomplice" in crimes against humanity and therefore ineligible to remain in Canada.
"I think it's not fair and it's not objective," said Han, 52.
"They only looked at what job I did, and not how I did the job."

He was a "willing accomplice" in crimes against humanity.
In China.
The same China that Paul Martin has been all but fawning over. The same China that Paul Martin's company uses to build its boats. China -- committing crimes against humanity.
Paul Martin's ally. Committing crimes against humanity.
Now, somebody who clearly didn't want to commit crimes against humanity is going to be sent back to China to become a victim of a crime against humanity.
How humanitarian is that?
"If sent back I definitely will face a very long term in prison," he said. "I may even lose my life."
Yet, Mr. Han shows his courage.
"Ultimately, if I have to pay the price with my life, I believe it is worthwhile."
Is there any way to give this man some protection? And you have to ask if Mr. Han is just a pawn in the current geopolitical games now being played by our northern neighbors.
Humanitarian? My derriere.