Sunday, July 03, 2005

McKenna mania

Reading the Toronto Red Star has its advantages.
For one, it helps me keep track of Frank McKenna' latest ravings.
Mr. McKenna, the former premier of New Brunswick, is Canada's Ambassador to the US of A and an occasional topic of posts on this blog.
This from Red Star Washington bureau chief Tim Harper:
Canada's ambassador to the United States marked Canada Day by embarking on an ambitious new goal -- mobilizing more than a million Canadians in the U.S. to take their country's message to Americans.
Frank McKenna wants the "Canadian diaspora" to be armed with facts, to debate Americans, to lobby when Washington makes decisions that can hurt Canadians and to try to counter the "Fox factor", referring to the U.S. television network, which often spreads disinformation and feeds a negative perception of its neighbour to the north.
First, a beef with Mr. Harper and his editors. Without attributing that description of Fox, he has libeled Fox.
Second, any negative perceptions we here in the U.S. of A. might have about the Canadian government have been fostered by persons involved with the Canadian government.
Let's take a look at just why some of us might have a negative perception of the government of Canada:
* In the past two years, we Americans have been called "bastards" by two separate members of Parliament in public statements without apology from either.
* The Canadian government refused to support the liberation of Iraq from the master butcher, Saddam Insane... who invested $1 million US in a company founded by... Canada's current prime minister.
* Two prominent Canadians have been mentioned multiple times in connection with the Oil-For-Food scandal.
* That same current prime minister has been actively promoting the sale of key minerals, including oil, from Canada to China, which is currently gearing up for a major fight with the U.S. of A.
Don't those things, taken individually, make you wonder whose side Canada is on?