Friday, July 08, 2005

London bombs: Galloway may as well have set 'em off

George Galloway is the north end of a southbound horse.
As noted by the BBC:
Within hours of Thursday's bombing atrocity MP George Galloway was on his feet in the House of Commons saying Londoners had paid the price for Tony Blair's policy in Iraq and Afghanistan.
His comments were branded "disgraceful" by Armed Forces Minister Adam Ingram.
Mr Galloway was a vocal opponent of the Iraq war. But at a Stop the War Coalition press conference Mr Galloway was having none of it, insisting the families of the dead and injured would not be offended by his words.
US President George Bush and UK premier Tony Blair had chosen to be overtly political when they made their comments on Thursday.
"Silence would be complicity. I am not prepared to be complicit when people in Iraq and London are paying a blood price for Blair's bizarre special relationship with Bush," he said.
In the Commons Mr Galloway was heckled as he spoke. But at the Socialist Workers Party Marxism 2005 conference on Friday, just around the corner from the scene of the Bloomsbury bus bomb, he received a rapturous welcome.
Clearly for many on the left, the MP's stock could not be higher and telling a room full of comrades that Tony Blair's administration is a "rotten government with a rotten foreign policy" was a genuine crowd pleaser.
He said although the primary responsibility for Thursday's attack on London lay with the terrorists, UK involvement in Iraq played its part.
At the same event former Labour cabinet minister Tony Benn warned that Thursday's atrocity was "only just the beginning for this country" and he called for leaders to re-engage with the Middle East peace process.

Mr Benn wants the Middle East peace process back on the agenda."If you go on bombing other people they will go on bombing us," he warned.
Mr Galloway, who was thrown out of the Labour party over remarks he made about the Iraq war, later said Mr Blair should quit and the UK should "cease its obscene special relationship with the worst US president ever".
"We must get out of that axis of evil," the Bethnal Green and Bow MP said.
"I don't believe Mr Blair or Mr Bush are capable of solving this problem - I believe they are the cause of this problem," he said.
He said Britain would be a safer place if it had a change of foreign policy.
"We will threaten the safety of our citizens and our interests unless we change political course," he warned before stressing he did not think the West should talk to Osama Bin Laden.

George Galloway, Osama's MP, strikes again.
The bleep.
Our prayers for everyone affected by Thursday's massacre... and that's what it was.
Dear Mr Galloway: If you want to see the value of appeasement, which is exactly what you are proposing, go read up on Neville Chamberlain. Or talk to Jimmy Carter, whose appeasement got us nowhere fast.