Thursday, June 09, 2005

Returned for regrooving

In the late 1960s, from the wilds of Los Angeles, came a bizarre comedy group known as Firesign Theater. Their verbal dislocations still reverberate in my mind more than three decades later.
One of their greatest lines had people who were not necessarily "groovy" enough "Returned for Re-Grooving."
So, here is the first installment of people deemed by the research staff of this blog as needing to be "Returned for Re-Grooving."

* Bill Clinton. The paperback version of "My Life" is being released. Many innocent trees will be killed for this. That's enough reason to return him for serious re-grooving.

* Hillary WroughtIron Clinton. For this quote: "It's very hard to stop people who have no shame about what they're doing." And this quote: "It is very hard to stop people who have never been acquainted with the truth." (Shoutout to the not naked princess, E.M.) Speaking from first-hand knowledge, no doubt. Re-groove, por favor.

* Irwin Cotler. From CNEWS: "Liberals will tweak their contentious same-sex marriage bill but can't guarantee ironclad religious protections, admits Justice Minister Irwin Cotler." Cotler and his Godfather, PM Paulie Librano, once stood and guaranteed that religious freedom would not be limited by SSM. They lied. Return him for re-grooving.

* Sharon Fraser. Poor baby feels hurt because her online magazine ran a totally tasteless cartoon about Pope Benedict XVI and she got called out for it. "How DARE (emphasis mine) they write to me, calling me names, demanding a public apology and, at the same time, have such an aggrieved tone about them?" (Sorry, I refuse to link to this rabble.) Take her and re-groove her, please. (Shoutout to Kathy Shaidle.)

* Philip Paulson. Paulson is the guy who complained about a cross placed atop Mount Soledad in California by private citizens to honor Korean War veterans. He's now suing five people over the language of a ballot proposal in San Diego. What a guy, eh? Get him re-grooved posthaste. (Shoutout to Jay for this one.)

* William Schulz. The USA director of Amnesty International has committed an act of treason by calling for the "kidnapping" of US officials, including President Bush, for the so-called "gulag" at Guantanamo Bay. This guy is such a moonbat that he needs immediate re-grooving. (Shoutout to Cap'n Ed).

* Guy Taylor. He is one of the complainants against Saskatchewan resident Bill Whatcott in a human rights attack on free speech. Taylor testified that he "cried" when he read a flyer Whatcott distributed. Whatcott may be on the fringe, but he has a right to speak, just as much as the moonbats do. Taylor is getting money. He can afford to be re-grooved.

ULTIMATE SHOUTOUT: Ed at Maple Leaf Blog is responsible for the inspiration for this post. He had the audacity to quote Firesign Theatre on his blog.