Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Death penalty - the right way

I'm not a big fan of the death penalty. There are very few cases where immediate termination of a scum's life can be justified. I believe in what the L.A. cops call "L-WOP" (life without parole). None of this 12-year stuff (the only time Karla Homolka will be mentioned on this blog). You do the crime, you don't come out alive. We won't snuff you prematurely, but you'll never breathe free air again.
But what if the death penalty could be meted out by the same means in which the scum took another life? What would that be like?
* That would mean that Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh would have been secured inside a van with a bomb attached. When the bomb goes off, McVeigh becomes history.
* That would mean that serial rapist/murderer Ted Bundy would have been raped, then strangled, instead of electrocuted.
* That would mean that if that joker who chainsawed the head off that fellow in New Brunswick would have his head chainsawed off, too.
Might that sort of punishment make the death penalty more of a deterrent than it is now?