Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Going tagging

I have decided to do nothing about tagging other people on the books issue that's been cycling around the 'hood lately.
Instead, I am going to open another game of tag.
This one deals with music.
Five LPs/CDs you can't do without: The Band's Greatest Hits; The Very Best of Poco (LP); Decade (Neil Young); CCR's Chronicles; Best of J. Geils Band (2-CD set from Rhino).
Three LPs/CDs you own that people wouldn't expect you to own: Merle Haggard's Greatest Hits; A Little Night Music soundtrack; Rock Xing by the Other Side.
Three songs that make you roll down the window and crank the radio/CD player full blast: "Up Around the Bend" by CCR; "Nothin' But a House Party" by J. Geils; "Burning Down the House" by Talking Heads.
Three songs that struck too close to home at one point: "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye" by the Casinos; "WOLD" by Harry Chapin; "It Makes No Difference" by the Band.
Three songs you never want to hear again: "Always and Forever" by Heatwave; "Colour My World" by Chicago; anything by Broccoli Spears.
I will tag only two people with this...
Canadianna and Regular Ron.