Saturday, June 04, 2005

"He does not like Americans"

The subject of this post is not Howard Dean, or Osama Loonie Bin Laden, or even Paulie Librano.
This story is about a teenager in the Philadelphia suburbs who wanted to blow up his high school, a fellow who "does not like Americans."
This comes from the Doylestown (Pa.) Intelligencer:

Classmates of Travis W. Biehn - the 17-year-old Central Bucks East junior being held for collecting bomb-making materials and threatening to blow up his high school - say he liked to pull pranks and get attention. They never thought he'd be accused of such serious crimes.
Both school officials and classmates described the teen as bright, funny and computer savvy.
"He was not an angry kid or anything," said Johnathan Buell, a classmate. "A lot of people liked him, but he was an attention hound."
Many students were familiar with Biehn and his pranks, several said. "He was just one of those goofy kids ... a class clown," said Amanda Teeter, a CB East junior.
While officials said they did not know what prompted the student to allegedly make the bomb threat or gather the potassium nitrate, canisters and fuses in his bedroom, Bucks County District Attorney Diane Gibbons said he seemed to have anti-American sentiments.
"He does not like Americans," she said during a press conference Friday afternoon at the Bucks County Courthouse. "He'd prefer to be in Canada."
Biehn and his family are Canadian citizens, Gibbons said. They have been in the United States since 1999 on a permanent visa. Gibbons said Biehn could be deported if convicted of threatening to blow up the school and accumulating bomb-making materials.
She characterized both the teen and his parents, Brant and Annette Biehn, as "uncooperative." During the search of the home Thursday, Gibbons said the mother was "verbally interfering with police." She said the parents also instructed the son not to cooperate and someone videotaped the search of the home by police.

Hmmm... do we have some Librano sympathizers sent here to infiltrate us?

Should we send them all packing back to Libranoland?