Monday, June 06, 2005

Pat O'Brien: Hero du jour

Pat O'Brien is my hero of the day.
The MP from London, Ont., has bolted the Liberal caucus over the same-sex marriage issue.
He has done so, even though it could put him in an extremely difficult situation come the next election.
According to Canadian Press, O'Brien's decision was based solely on the same-sex marriage bill.
"My goal is to defeat Bill C-38."
Now, there's already a Conservative candidate ready to stand in O'Brien's riding. As for his Liberal party, the president of the party in O'Brien's riding said: "There's no shortage of people interested in representing the riding in Ottawa."
O'Brien's defection has now put a confidence issue back into play, especially if like-minded Liberals opt to walk to Independent status and see the upcoming budget votes as the only way to stop same-sex marriage. O'Brien himself admitted that he "...won't rule out any democratic means to do that."
Now, expect over the next few days that O'Brien will be smeared to hell and back by the Librano mudslinging brigade.
Remember, though, in the stream-of-reality posting that flew between here and Ed's Maple Leaf Blog, the Liberal Party isn't really the Liberal Party any more. It's the Martinite Party.