Friday, May 27, 2005

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

It's Memorial Day weekend here in the US of A... the unofficial start of the summer season. I'll either be posting a lot or not at all, depending upon whether we can get a truckload of mulch in Saturday morning.
The Better Half, the Dog and Dolly (translation: my wife, son and daughter) are headed to the Jersey shore in the morning for the annual Memorial Day trek to the house a friend and her mom and aunt have. The mom and aunt are not as young as they used to be, so we help 'em get the house in order for the summer season. Since the Dog now basically can look me in the eye, I may not have to go down (it's about a 2 1/2 hour drive from the homestead) for the day on Sunday since he can do the reaching-up that putting the awnings up requires. If the mulch comes, that's how I'll be spending my Sunday.
So, I'll put off blasting that Commie wench in Ottawa for her anti-Catholic crap (see Steve at Angry in the Great White North - - for details) until after the weekend, to give myself a chance to reflect on it and find creative ways to use the drill on the wench.
Instead, I'll cop a theme from Canadian Dude ( and reveal some stuff you probably don't particularly care about knowing...

Three artists you're likely to find in my CD player or on my turntable at any given moment (yes, I still have a turntable): 1. The Band. 2. Poco. 3. The Dead.
Three artists you'll never find in either place: 1. Broccoli Spears. 2. O.Jessica Simpson. 3. The Archies.
Three songs that have been banned from the homestead: 1. Always and Forever. 2. Colour My World. 3. Anything by Barry Manil-yuk.
Three books you'll find lying around the den: 1. Elvis Is Dead and I Don't Feel Too Good Myself. 2. South Park Conservatives. 3. Lake Wobegon Days (yeah, I know Garrison Keillor has some serious moonbat tendencies, but the book is still a classic of gentle wit).
Three politicians who have my respect: 1. Barry Goldwater. 2. Bob Casey Sr. 3. Dwight Eisenhower. (Sadly, all three are dead.) In the live politician group, those who are close: 1. Monte Solberg. 2. Zell Miller. 3. xxxxxxxxx.
Three politicians who have my contempt: 1. Hillary Wrought Iron Clinton. 2. Paulie Librano. 3. Teddy Bear Kennedy. 4. John McCain. (whoops!)
Three TV shows you might find me watching: 1. Law and Order with Jerry Orbach and Sam Waterston. 2. Whose Line Is It Anyway with Clive Anderson as host. 3. Whose Line Is It Anyway with Drew Carey as host.
Three TV shows I would ban from the air if I could: 1. The Apprentice. 2. Oprah. 3. Survivor. 4. American Idol. (whoops again!)
Three people whose writings have influenced my philosophy: 1. William F. Buckley Jr. 2. Pope John Paul II. 3. David Lebedoff.
Three movies I'd like to see again, but probably won't: 1. Duck Soup. 2. A Night at the Opera. 3. And Now For Something Completely Different...
Three movies I wish I had never seen: 1. Sleepless in Seattle. 2. Napoleon Dynamite. 3. Love Story.
Three beverages you may see me consume on any given day: 1. Peach iced tea. 2. Mountain Dew. 3. Yuengling beer.
Three beverages you may see me consume twice a year, at most: 1. Coffee. 2. Wine. 3. any diet drink.
Three cars I have owned: 1. VW Beetle. 2. Jeep. 3. Scion.
Three cars I could care less about owning: 1. Mercedes-Benz. 2. BMW. 3. Lexus.
Three of my culinary specialties: 1. Cajun burgers. 2. Klydnie. 3. Citrus turkey.
Three foods I will never eat: 1. Broccoli. 2. Vegetarian burgers. 3. Cabbage.
Three things that I have done that might surprise people: 1. I designed the deck at the back of the house. 2. I have coached two sports that I never played. 3. I started a tradition at my alma mater of a 24-hour radiothon [the only thing is, nowadays they do it in shifts. I did it solo on a bet. That beer and pizza afterward tasted good!!!!!]

The beer and pizza at the beach will be good if I go down there. If not, the beer and wings will be good on Sunday night once the mulch is spread.

Pax and be safe, y'all.