Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Odds and sods

Hits and misses, or a lot of debris to clear out of the mental dustbin...

* The US Senate has chickened out of the nuclear option. I don't get it. The Democrats have about as much respect for democracy as the Libranos do. That's one bunch of devils you DON'T make a deal with.
(Subpoint - the Dems and Libranos have a lot more in common. Neither has had a new idea in 30 years; neither respects the collected wisdom of the entire country; both think they have the God-given right to rule. The divine right of kings, transformed to the 21st century.)

* Spent some time praying that the folks in Labrador have more sense than the GOP sellout senators do. I'm not real optimistic there, though. Sometimes, I think Mick Jagger had it right - "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find that you get what you need." Pop Philosophy 102.

* I hate the fact that I'm not watching Stanley Cup playoff action right how. (At least I have the Calder Cup, the American Hockey League, to follow. Philadelphia, sparked by a couple of kids who just left juniors for the playoffs, is on fire. Jeff Carter, from Soo, and Mike Richards, from Kitchener, are the real deal. From what I've seen, both could have been in the NHL this year with my beloved Flyers, had there been an NHL.) Hopefully the idiots in charge will put together a deal so I can have my fix on ice come fall.

* Rough day Sunday for the offspring. My daughter's knee finally wouldn't let her do what she wanted and she missed qualifying for the archdiocesan track championships. The young lady has more fortitude than any 25 Libranos and any of those GOP deal-making senators. Still, she had a terrific year. The young lad's debut for his school club's inline (roller) hockey team wasn't especially auspicious. He didn't play badly for his first time out, but the team took a spanking. Still, cause for optimism there, too. What we're proudest of, for both of them, is that they're very good students, too. [They had better be, in a sense, for what we are and will be paying to send them to our area's Catholic high school. That's where my friends in a few Canadian provinces have the advantage over us, as I understand it. We cannot direct our school tax money to a Catholic school system, so we have to shell out school taxes to a public school system that we don't use, PLUS pay tuition to the Catholic school. Let's put it this way - I went to a private university in the late '60s and early '70s. The cost of those four years was less than what we're looking at for each of them for four years of Catholic high school.]

* I've been reading at various blogs that the Conservative Party isn't pushing its policy issues too hard right now for fear that the Libranos will steal them. Friends, have the courage of your convictions and push 'em.
(Subpoint: The Libranos, someday, may have to have the courage to face their convictions.)

Well, the debris is cleared and it's time to paint the bathroom. Later.