Thursday, May 11, 2006

The John Sanity Show

Announcer: Live from midtown Weehawken, where no man fears to tread, but most women do, it's three hours of truth, justice and the American Way... Standing up for what's right... it's the John Sanity Show!
John Sanity: Thank you, Shot Cannon, and hello, friends. Three hours a day is all we need. Of course, it's the three hours that we're here, bringing you the best, the most complete, the most honest news and information of the day. Remember, this is the only voice of Sanity that you will ever hear on your radio dial, here on the John Sanity Show.
Later on in the program, we'll talk with Ann Coatrack about her new book, "Dogless," and how the left plans to take all of our canines and turn them over to the Evil Puppy Blender. We'll review Teddy Kennedy's new book, "100 Proof -- Why I Never Left the Senate After 44 Years." We'll have an update with the mother of the Aruban girl who disappeared in southern Alabama two months ago in the case that has caused a national furor. And, on Sanity and None tonight, we'll have a shootout with the San Francisco supervisor who wants to ban straight marriages in his city.
We've got a lot to get to today on the John Sanity Show. Remember, three hours a day is all we need. These three hours that I'm here with you, the only voice of Sanity you'll ever hear on your radio dial.
First, though, I'm really steamed about the letter that the president of Iran, Ahmadenijihad, sent President Bush. Diplomacy? Well, maybe more than Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, the two most scary names in the U.S. today, except for Hillary Clinton. And yes, tomorrow, we talk with John Podhoretz, the author of a new book who argues that Hillary will be the next president... unless. We'll get him to tell us what the unless is right here on the only voice of Sanity you'll ever hear on your radio dial. And tomorrow night, on Sanity and None, we'll get into a real shootout with the demon of the left, Al Frankenstein. 9 Eastern. More John Sanity, straight ahead...