Friday, March 10, 2006

The Jay Bennish School of Modern Geography

Welcome to the Jay Bennish School of Modern Geography.
I'm your founder, Jay Bennish.
As you know, I recently ran into trouble at my former place of employment because of my modernized views of the subject of geography.
Thanks to a grant from and George Psoriasis, I now have been able to open my own school of geography education, one in which the constraints of reality are no longer binding, where students can learn about the "real" world in "real" time, both online and in our modern facility in a bomb shelter just outside Telluride, Colorado.
Here is a sample of the learning you will receive at the Jay Bennish School of Modern Geography:

This is a map of Nazi Germany. It is an evil empire whose goals include world domination, extermination of those who disagree with it, environmental degradation, racial segregation, military madness, sexism of the highest order, and so much more.

This is a map of Freedonia, land of the brave and free, where there is never a need for dissent because everything is just perfect for everyone. There is no poverty, no illness, no evil desire to dominate others through rank regulations, et cetera.

For more information on the Jay Bennish School of Modern Geography, please call 1-666-NUTBALL or e-mail imawhackjob@nothere.zz



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