Thursday, March 09, 2006

Carnival of Comedy 45 is HERE!!!

Yes, ladies and germs, the 45th edition of the Carnival of Comedy is at hand.
Now, 45 has a number of different connotations, which we shall explore during the intercourse of ideas to be expounded here.
Enough of the preliminaries; let's laugh...

The Colt .45 division
This set is as hot as a pistol, especially after a shooting match between CUG and Wyatt Earp (neither of whom offered any material this week -- the guns must still be hot).
* Seaspook at Seaspook's Rants presents Genetic Engineering Produces the Ultimate Politician. Warning: This may make some conservatives ill.
* Vilmar at Right Wing Howler presents I Could Watch This Over and Over. I did. I'm still laughing.
* Buckley F. Williams at The Nose On Your Face presents Jay Bennish To Critics: "I Made It To The Show Baby!". Liberal geography, 2006 style.
* The Evil Emperor Mindstation at Point Five presents Anti-Terrorism Device: Prototype 19D. Memo to Donald Rumsfeld: Get working on this posthaste.
* Peakah at Peakah's Provocations presents I'm really feelin the Love. The laments a bachelor hears, eh?
* Dr. Phat Tony at Dr. Phat Tony's presents Save Jill! Guaranteed to get your goat.
* UPDATE: Some tech issues at my end have been resolved. FIAR at Radioactive Liberty presents Warning.

45 rpm Hot Wax division
Rising up the charts with bullets every one...
* Tommy at Striving For Average presents The Yale Taliban. No one is quite sure why Yale has a Taliban. Come, Mr. Taliban, tally me bananas.
* Damian G. at Conservathink presents 78th Annual Academy Awards, or George Clooney is a massive prick. Recorded and blogged live. Warning: Language issues, as the esteemed Damian G. himself reported. Me? Doesn't bother me.
* Peace Moonbeam at The Peace Moonbeam Chronicles presents Hare Trigger. What would happen if this would happen?
* Patriot Xeno at Right Hand of God presents 100% Accurate Tips for Guys on How to Talk to Other Guys About the Other Guy's New Baby. Been there, done that, on target.
* Avant News at Avant News presents Study Proves Universe Created By Committee. Take that, Charles Darwin.
* Dean Swift at A Swiftian Rant presents The Flavor Was So Bad. How bad was it? Go find out.
* Kim C at Life in a Shoe: the methods and madness of one mother of 7 presents I'm Sorry, Are You Being Funny? Wow.
* Citizen Grim at Right Hand of God presents Excessive Force At Ohio University! I actually know where Ohio University is. Few others do, including some who graduated from it.
* Pickaxe Pete at The Bodie Specter presents Shameless. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

45-degree angle division
Definitely skewed, but not stewed...
* Dyre42 at Dyre Portents presents Smoke and Mirrors. The mirrors may be a tad hazy.
* Chris Carlisle at The Platypus Society presents Virtual High Five Simulator. Surreal.
* Ssssteve at First With Flair, the only fellow I know whose computer stutters, presents Funny stuff till I can come up with something serious!!
* K T Cat at The Scratching Post presents Appeasement by Example. Well scratched.
* Another feline, Ferdinand T. Cat at Conservative Cat, the father of the Carnival Submission Form, presents Bruce Learns How to be a Good Employee. As Ferdy explains, it wasn't easy.
* Nuke at Mondo Blog presents Mondo Goes to the Library. A sci-fi thriller.
* From north of the border comes lecentre at Centrerion, who presents Canada Will Beat the Taliban - Quip of the Day. This is not a fantasy entry, eh?
* J.C. Wilmore at The Richmond Democrat presents Richmond Democrat felled by Infuenza, Scotch. Gotta watch that, J.C. That influenza will ruin a good bottle of Scotch every time.
* Big Picture Guy at Big Picture, Small Office presents You Don't Say. Leave 'em laughing.

Mandatory adverts
Of course, you should always remember the godfathers of the Carnival, IMAO.
Next week, Carnival of Comedy 46, will be hosted by Ben's Rants and Raves.
Carnival of Comedy 47 can be found in two weeks at Steve the Pirate.

And remember, leave a comment if you liked something, didn't like something, or ate a dead chicken.