Friday, March 03, 2006

Bill and Hillary really should talk...

Hillary Clinton, the fascist presidential wannabe, doesn't like the Dubai Ports World deal.
Hillary Clinton is to introduce legislation in the US which would block the take-over of P&O by Dubai Ports World.
The US senator for New York claims the deal poses a threat to national security because it would place operations at six major US ports under the control of the government of the United Arab Emirates, which owns Dubai Ports World.
"Our port security is too important to place in the hands of foreign governments," said Mrs Clinton.

On the other hand, her erstwhile husband, former president Slick Willie Clinton, is O.K. with the deal.
Bill Clinton has nothing but kind words for the United Arab Emirates, even as his wife leads the charge to keep a Dubai-owned company from operating terminals at ports in the United States.
"I have a very high opinion of UAE, and Dubai in particular. They're trying to build a new Middle East. They really are," Mr. Clinton said Tuesday.
I think these two need to talk.
Unless, of course, it's the classic Clintonian strategy of having all your bases covered and being all things to all people -- when in reality, they're nothing but pro-Clintons and the hell with everyone else.