Monday, October 03, 2005

Showing their stuff

The first paragraph says it all, eh?
OTTAWA (CP) - They're young, they're Liberals, and they're not afraid to take off their clothes in the name of national unity.
Are they being surrogates for the Canadian masses who are being screwed by the Paul Martin Jr. government? Or are they just exhibitionists?
Here's more from the Canadian Press...
Six scantily clad Liberal youth-wing executives, who posed on Montreal's hip St-Denis Street, are front-centre in a poster campaign to begin on Monday that will hit the walls of some Quebec universities and appear in some weekly newspapers.
After young Quebec Liberals came up with the idea, the search for those willing to reveal more than just their thoughts wasn't difficult.
"We had more models than we needed," said Brigitte Legault, president of the youth wing of the Quebec federal Liberals.
The poster says in French: Children of the Charter Flaunt It.

Hmmm. I, for one, didn't realize that the Charter had any involvement in procreation whatsoever, even though the Martin Jr. government takes a special delight in giving it to the taxpayers, especially those of Albertan residence.
But what's truly surprising is the inspiration of this dethreading...
"We're taking the same words of Mr. Pettigrew who tells us that since the beginning, we have advocated Liberal values of openness," Legault said.
This is, of course, Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew, who of late has come under fire for his excessive spending while tending to his foreign affairs. He certainly hasn't been very open about that. But then again, that's the joy of being a Liberal -- words mean only what you want them to mean, especially if they conflict with the traditional dictionary terminology.
As for the strippers?
Well, not a one of 'em did anything to whet my appetite for anything.
Go check the article out and let me know what you think.