Thursday, September 29, 2005

Martha Burk wants 15 more minutes

Remember Martha Burk?
She's the woman who tried to corral a protest at the Masters a while back because Augusta National, the course where the golf tournament is played, doesn't have any women members.
She failed there.
She's failing again, but she's grasping for 15 more minutes...
NEW YORK (AP) - Despite objections from Martha Burk, NBC said it was going ahead with plans to air an NHL commercial showing a bare-chested player being dressed by a scantily clad woman.
Burk, chairwoman of the National Council of Women's Organizations, said the ad was offensive. Burk led an unsuccessful effort to allow female members at Augusta National three years ago and is stepping down as chair of NCWO on Nov. 1.
NBC said it had no problem with the spot, which first appeared last week on the NHL's Web site, and planned to air it on its NHL preview show Saturday.

When you think about it, Martha Burk's targets are a perfect example of where the "professional feminist" movement is these days... the hell with the waitresses and seamstresses, let's take care of the well-to-do by getting them into the right country clubs.
A mirror of what passes for liberalism today.