Friday, September 30, 2005

DeLay: what's the deal?

First, let me defer to E.M. on the legal aspects of the matter of Texas vs. Tom DeLay. She's far more knowledgeable on matters of the law than I. And she has some pretty good information about how the prosecutor in this case has a long (and often embarrassing) history of going after political rivals, regardless of party affiliation...
But let's take a look at what Tom DeLay did not do:
* Accept campaign contributions from an enemy government
* Lie under oath
* Steal classified documents that would have reflected badly on an administration
* Host a fundraiser at a Buddhist temple
* Divert hundreds of thousands of dollars from levee improvements to personal accounts
* Place an army of ghost workers on the government payroll
* Divert millions of dollars from the government treasury into the party's campaign stash
All of these things have been admitted/adjudicated against the darlings of the left, both above and below the 49th parallel.
Warning to the left: If you want to make corruption an issue, you're coming with a popgun. Your darlings have given us a cache of WMDs.
And you no longer have a monopoly on information, either.