Saturday, August 20, 2005

Regrooving time again

There's some quality re-grooving required with this week's selections.
Let us begin.
Garth Brooks. The country star has signed a deal where you can only buy any new releases at Wal-Mart or its affiliates. Sorry, Garth. That's gotta be a re-grooving session for you.
Michaƫlle Jean. This is Canada's next governor-general... the Queen's representative in the Dominion. She also holds French citizenship. The only time that the French and British have been real allies were in the two World Wars, where both times Britain (and others) pulled France's chestnuts out of the fire. This isn't right. To do the job, she needs to be re-grooved.
Pennsylvania's General Assembly. I'm finally calmed down enough to post on this theft. The 253 thieves (203 representatives, 50 senators) voted themselves whopping pay raises. Under the Pa. constitution, they're not supposed to get the money until their next term... but a loophole in the legislation allows them to take the extra cash as "unvouchered expenses" in the meantime. Is there any chance this will be overturned? No. The bill also includes whopping raises for Pennsylvania's state court judges... one of whom was a leading advocate of the bill. Mass re-grooving needed, please.
Cindy Sheehan. Yes, you all know about the Bush-hating mother of a soldier killed in Iraq. Whatever sympathies she may deserve get washed aside by the fact that when she said, "America is not worth fighting for," she desecrated and defecated all over the memory of her son. She needs intensive re-grooving care.
Christopher Smith. You may not know this joker's name, but he is one of the kings of spam ripoffs. He literally hijacked millions from good people. He deserves to be regrooved and forever denied access to any Internet provider.
For now, that's all, folks.