Friday, July 15, 2005

Return for re-grooving returns

Another weekend, another round of Return for Re-grooving.
Let's get started.
Melissa Chavez. According to Earthlink News, this woman tried to hitch a ride from a police officer in Santa Fe, N.M., on Thursday. The officer who stopped conducted a warrant inquiry. Authorities say the inquiry showed Chavez had an outstanding warrant for failure to comply with provisions of a prior charge of criminal damage to property. Melissa wound up getting a ride to the Santa Fe County jail. Yo, Melissa, you need a re-grooving. Now.
Bob Goodenow. Any lawyer who costs his clients hundreds of millions of dollars through sheer incompetence, as the NHL players union chief did for his clients, deserves a thorough re-grooving. Start immediately.
John Nilson. The health minister of Saskatchewan has urged Saskies to contact friends and relatives in Alberta about Alberta's new health care proposals. Isn't that called interference? (Shoutout to Kate.)
Melissa Tanner. Must be a tough week for Melissas out there. This Bartlesville, Okla., woman is accused of having a blood alcohol content close to three times the legal limit when she gave birth to a baby girl on June 30. Yes, I know -- albeit not from first-hand experience -- that giving birth can be a painful experience, but I don't think half a case of beer, self-administered, is the recommended anesthetic. Re-groove, please.
Joe Wilson. This so-and-so has thrown out more lies that have been bought by the MSM and the Dumbocrats in l'affaire Rove. Turns out that even the New York Times, that ultimate purveyor of liberal rubbish, prints that the reporter who blew the cover on Wilson's wife as a CIA operative told Rove -- and not vice versa -- about the story. And who were Robert Novak's sources, anyway? I'm betting a couple of Wilson's buddies in the State Department... if not Wilson himself! Probably Dumbocrats, at that. Why do you think the Times is so stubborn about keeping their reporter in jail, rather than blowing the source? No way they protect a Bushite, my friends. Re-groove Mr Wilson, Dennis.
Till next time.