Monday, July 11, 2005

Is the Screech getting it, maybe?

People might get killed in a terrorist attack, but there are more important things to worry about, according to the Screech.
From Canoe:
TORONTO - Canadians need to be better prepared to handle the psychological fallout of a terrorist attack like the one that struck London last week (emphasis mine), federal Public Safety Minister Anne McLellan said Monday.
The efforts in recent years of police and the Canada Security Intelligence Service make it clear Canada is not immune to terrorism, but Canadians still seem oblivious to the danger, McLellan told an international conference on disaster management.
"CSIS and the RCMP, among other law enforcement agencies, have made it plain that there exists in this country those who might very well choose, either themselves or with others, to do harm," McLellan said.
Experience, she noted, has prepared Canada well for natural disasters such as floods, ice storms and hurricanes, and the SARS outbreak two years ago has sharpened the country's ability to respond to the threat of infectious diseases.
But there's still a lot of work to do bracing for the global threat of terrorism, such as establishing closer communication between urban transit systems, McLellan told the gathering of more than 1,500 emergency officials including police, military and medical professionals.
Nor is Canada immune to attacks just because it didn't participate in the Iraq war, she added.
"I think we have perhaps for too long thought that these were things that happen somewhere else . . . the self-image we may have of ourselves, it may be accurate, but completely irrelevant in the world in which we live."

Hmmm... there at least is a sign of consciousness. Not much, but a sign.
Better put a stop to that, Paulie. You can't have your Public Safety Minister saying that Canada, home to at least 50 terrorist organizations, including some that have donated to the LPC, saying that there are people now in Canada that might do Canadians harm, eh?