Thursday, July 14, 2005

Toronto, friend to terror?

Canada in general and Toronto in particular are places to watch for terrorist cells, a former FBI agent who specializes in terrorism studies told a conference in Canada this week.
You won't find this story as important enough for the Red Star to send a staffer, so you'll have to rely on this report from Canadian Press:
The perception of Canada as an immigrant-friendly place with myriad ethnic backgrounds makes it a perfect destination for would-be terrorists, a former FBI agent said at an international conference on disaster management.
Ty Fairman, who has interviewed several of the world's most notorious terrorists, said Muslim radicals looking to travel to the western world look at settling in Ontario because of the high concentration of Muslims already living there.
Sixty-one per cent of the country's estimated 750,000 Muslims reside in the province, Fairman said, and five per cent of those live in Toronto — the most of any city in North America.
Fairman, who helped conduct raids of Al Qaeda safe houses in Afghanistan and Pakistan, said training manuals compiled by the infamous terrorist network outline how aspiring insurgents can best infiltrate western nations.
"One of their main missions, as far as expansion, is to travel to places undetected, unnoticed, go to places with lenient immigration laws," Fairman told more than 500 delegates in today's keynote speech.
"Hmm, ring a bell? Canada."

Ooh, did this one get the anti-American Librano government up in arms.
The federal government swiftly rejected any notion that the country's immigration policies are a draw for international terrorists.
"Our immigration laws take into account the same issues and the same commitment to openness and immigration as the U.S. and the U.K.," said Alex Swann, a spokesman for Public Safety Minister Anne McLellan.
"There's no need to single Canada out in that regard."

Oh, yeah, Mr Swann? Last I looked, we didn't allow al-Qaeda families to set up shop and get support from the government, which your government is doing with the Khadrs.
I think there's a very special need to single out the current Canadian government in that regard.
And, Mr Swann, one other thing... you have a lot of chutzpah comparing your policies to those of the US of A. After all, your politicians tend to think we're bastards.