Thursday, June 23, 2005

Bastard alert, bastard alert

We here in the US of A gotta do something about these Canadian politicians going around calling us bastards.
Yeah, we caught another one in the act.
Thanks to Darcey at Dust My Broom and Sean Incognito, we are now aware of the remarks of MP Pat Martin (NDP-Winnipeg Centre).
Martin was discussing the ongoing dispute between Manitoba and North Dakota over the state's plan to shrink Devils Lake. The water that will be diverted from the lake will go into the Red River, which flows north into Manitoba.
"We want the government of Canada to drop the gloves with Washington," he said. "People in Manitoba are saying let the bastards freeze in the dark if they are going to do this to us, if they are going to compromise every established treaty relationship we have. They have ignored us blatantly."
Yeah, like a "Carolyn Parrish moment" (as Sean I. put it) is really going to help your cause.
And, according to Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch columnist Ray McAllister, Pat Martin didn't stop there after being rebuked.
"North Dakota is acting like some rogue state. Instead of 'North Dakota', they should be called 'North Korea', complete with a 'department of misinformation'."
Hey, Pat Martin - you want North Korea? We'll give you North Korea.
No, better yet - we'll buy the Blue Bombers, the Moose and the Brandon Wheat Kings and move 'em all to Fargo... then we'll charge all Manitobans $50 (US, of course) to cross the border to see the games.
Bastards? You want bastards?
...Pardon me for having a Cartman moment.