Thursday, September 07, 2006

Why Daddy and Mommy aren't Democrats

There's a "children's book" out there called "Why Mommy Is A Democrat."
It appeals to the children who now run the U.S. Democratic Party, for sure.
But there is a counter-book now being developed in the bowels of a think tank in Mocanaqua, Pa., called "Why Daddy and Mommy Aren't Democrats."
The book isn't finished yet; however, the cracked research team here at Either Orr has acquired some of the drafts of the text and instructions for illustrations. Here are just a few.
Democrats want us all to share... with them. But they forget the rule that when you share things, you return them when you're done.
[Illustration: Donkey with Ted Kennedy's head takes the best toys away.]
Democrats cry when they don't get their own way.
[Illustration: Donkey with Howard Dean's head braying its fool head off. Donkey with Harry Reid's head kicks its back legs like an idiot.]
Democrats don't stand up to bullies.
[Illustration: Donkey with Hillary Clinton's head licks Osama Looney Bin Ladin's beard. Donkey with Jimmy Carter's head has a leg around Kim Jong Il's shoulder.]
More to come as the cracked research team does its thing.