Friday, April 15, 2005

Do you have Canadian values?

About a year ago, I recall Paul Martin, leader of the Liberal Organized Crime Family of Canada (hereinafter referred to as The LOCF), railing against his opponents, saying they lacked "Canadian values."
So, let us examine -- based on what has transpired over the past 12 months -- what Canadian values, Paul Martin style, mean...
1. Dishonesty. The LOCF has lied repeatedly. Led by Don Paul, they have lied about the LOCF involvement in Adscam; they have lied about their commitment to health care; they have lied about their commitment to the military.
2. Theft. See Adscam. Say no more.
3. Disloyalty. The LOCF has in many respects turned its backs on the U.S. of A., even in matters of defending its own territory.
4. Immorality. See gay marriage and the plans (now scuttled) to go to Europe to check out the legalized prostitution businesses there. [And do you think they were going to sample the wares while they were there?]
5. Censorship. See Bishop Henry and the latest flap in Calgary over the silencing of a Web site.
6. Corruption. See Adscam and Earnscliffe.
Are those your values, Canadians?
Responses welcome.