Thursday, April 14, 2005

greetings and salutations

Sorry to disappoint those of you who expected a hockey-oriented blog. Though I will at times comment upon what is my favorite sport (the NHL's absence pains me deeply), I will be looking at a variety of topics as strike my fancy at a given moment.
In point of introduction, I am basically an educated redneck, a practicing Christian who hopes that some day he'll get it right, a decrier of the statism (and I'm opting for politeness there) that passes for liberalism these days, and a whole lot of other things. I believe in humor and wit and sometimes even attempt it myself with varying degrees of failure (and the odd success).
As I progress with this project and become more technically astute, I will offer links to other blogs and writers who offer legitimate food for thought... even some with whom I tend not to agree. Until then, you're likely to see a lot of URLs here. Sorry to have to make you copy and paste.
Any thoughts, suggestions, etc. will be welcomed -- except those who would tell me to go to Hell. I've already been there and intend someday to go back. It's a quiet village about an hour west of Detroit along the Hell Creek. They've got a restaurant, a fishing supply shop and a party store.
Until then, pax.