Thursday, November 02, 2006


John Kerry's recent foot-in-mouth exercise was truly a revelation... an insight, as it were, into what the left REALLY thinks about soldiers and service.
Only dummies serve, Kerry's remarks all but shouted out to the American people. It's a view shared by much of the left, a view the left has held since the 1960s.
Those who defended his remarks certainly are amongst the elitists who dominate the left and its political arm, the Democratic Party.
Even more revealing is that Kerry didn't get that an apology was appropriate until some Democrats, fearing repercussions at the polls next week, put the heat on him. The timing of the apology underscores its insincerity.
This was no failed joke, as some of Kerry's defenders claim. This was an insight into how the left and its political arm really think.
I've not been one to put much stock in pollsters' work output. I usually ignore polls and would salute the first so-called "mainstream" media outlet that refused to report on them.
But it was also revealing that an instant Web poll taken by a Philadelphia TV station showed that 26 percent (as I write) of those responding had changed their minds about how they would vote as a result of the Kerry kerfluffle. Now, instant polls are about as worthwhile as instant grits (this comes from someone who actually likes grits, y'all). But if people were motivated enough to punch the button and say that a change has come to their viewpoints, the odds are pretty good that those folks are motivated enough to go to the polls on Tuesday.
Could John Kerry, once again, have put the Republicans over the top?
I hope.