Thursday, April 20, 2006

Well, duh, yourself

Last week (yeah, I know I'm late in getting this up, but after all, I was away) began a controversy over a proposed statue on the campus of Villanova University.
The high priestess of abortion in Philadelphia, Daily News columnist Jill Porter, explained it this way... (link may not be available... go to and search for Jill Porter).
A student organization called Villanovans for Life spearheaded a drive to buy a statue of the Virgin Mary and Jesus as the centerpiece of a centrally located memorial for what it calls the "victims of abortion" - provoking an emotional debate on campus.
The controversy was curtly dismissed by supporters who cited Villanova's church affiliation as the sole and decisive justification for the sculpture:
It's a Roman Catholic school. The church opposes abortion. End of argument.
Well, that's true.
But it's also precisely the kind of narrow-minded thinking that typifies the anti-choice movement.

When it comes to narrow-mindedness, there are few more narrow-minded than the abortion proponents. Porter's history is a prime example.
But her closing lines say a lot more...
...the university's board of trustees ducked the controversy for the time being by delaying a vote on approving the sculpture until its next meeting in June.
Which gives board members time to consider whether something is wrong even if you have the right to do it.

Jill, baby, what do you think the pro-life movement is saying?
Consider this... abortion for convenience's sake is wrong, even if you have the right to do it.
All she wants to do is stifle one side of the debate. Such wonderful support for free speech from a journalist, huh? Free speech, unless you disagree with me.
Come shut me up, ok?