Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Spot the loonie

Welcome to a new occasional feature of the either orr blog program.
It's the very first edition of Spot the Loonie.
We will present pictures and ask you to Spot the Loonie.
Here is our first collection:

Which of these three is a loonie?
No. 1 most assuredly is a loonie. She is Celine Hervieux-Payette, a Canadian Senator. A Liberal, Miz Hervieux-Payette recently responded to a note from a Minnesota family who called the Canadian seal hunt "horrific":
What I find 'horrific' about your country is the daily killing of innocent people in Iraq, the execution of mainly black prisoners in U.S., the massive sale of guns to U.S. citizens every day, the destabilization of the whole world by the aggressive foreign policy of U.S. government, etc.
This is Carolyn Parrish redux, friends, with a better command of the language.
No. 2 certainly qualifies as a loonie. She is Debra LaFave. She had been a middle school teacher in Florida until she got caught providing sex-education lessons to one of her 14-year-old students. A judge just said she won't have to go to prison for her audacious behavior. Hmmmm... if we could have found a picture of the judge, he'd have been on the loonie list, too.
No. 3 is outrageous, eccentric, outspoken. But Don Cherry is not a loonie.
That concludes this edition of Spot the Loonie. More, no doubt, to come.
Hat tips to Stephen Taylor.