Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Upon further review...

The Liberal Party of Canada (also known as the Greater Toronto Party) is in a bit of a fix right now.
Paul Martin Jr., the vanquished prime minister, won't lead them into another election.
Who will step up to become the Official Opposition Leader in the Commons?
Whoever it is will be an interim choice, for sure, as there are too many candidates for the leadership role who will not have a seat in Parliament when the new Stephen Harper-led government takes office. (Now, there's a sentence to make the GTP gag, eh?) They most assuredly won't want to give a rival a leg up on the job by making that person the Official Face of the Loyal Opposition.
What's left?
Ralph Goodale? Nah, he's got his own problems with insider trading issues.
Joe Volpe? A potential leadership candidate. No chance.
Belinda Stronach? Ditto.
Scott Brison? Double ditto.
Michael Ignatieff? He was a Martin parachute; he's a potential leadership candidate; and he hasn't bothered to live in Canada for more than two decades. Three strikes. He's out.
What's left?
Jack Layton?